The trucking industry is moving toward alternative fuels, low sulfur diesel, bio-diesel, and natural gas. Natural gas makes an ideal fuel for fleets that either return to a single site or move between designated locations.

As an industry, trucking uses more than 36 billion gallons of diesel on an annual basis, making it the largest user of diesel fuel in the US. 

Trucking accounts for a large part of the revenue of the commercial transportation industry, with over 15 million commercial trucks registered in the US delivering 70% of the country's freight transported annually, according to the Department of Transportation.

And it's not just the bottom line that is improved by the use of LNG. According to studies, LNG-powered trucks emit 23% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel trucks, meaning better news for the environment and better starting points for trucking companies seeking to meet state and federal emission standards.  Natural gas-powered trucks produce 23% fewer GHC emissions compared to diesel-fueled vehicles. 

There is also some evidence that running natural gas as LNG in a trucking fleet will reduce maintenance required over time by reducing the amount of carbon build-up within the engine.


Total Diesel Usage
In Gallons
36 Billion*

LNG Equivalent in Gallons 58.9 Billion**
*Statistics based on 2012 EIA data for On Highway diesel fuel usage.
**DGE equivalent for LNG is 1.62

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