Mining equipment is ideal for a shift to LNG as most haul trucks are powered by diesel engine generators with electric traction drives. These engines are similar to those found on locomotives, and the procedure to convert them from diesel engines to gas engines is similar.

Mining operations consume extreme quantities of fuel in large trucks, power shovels, kilns, and other processing equipment. In addition, mining operations are usually in remote locations with limited fuel options beyond hydrocarbon-based products.  As of 2010, the EPA has required off-road diesel to be low sulfur in the same way that on-road diesel is now ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

Most haul trucks and mining equipment are working on-site only, not leaving the area on long trips. These short, low-speed runs between two fixed points to haul mined material means that these trucks can be easily refueled on site whenever needed.  

Fueling the mining industry would be a natural offshoot of strategically located LNG America distributed LNG hub-and-spoke networks.


Total Diesel Usage in Gallons 2.1 Billion*
LNG Equivalent in Gallons 3.4 Billion**
*Statistics based on 2012 EIA data for Off Highway diesel fuel usage.
**DGE equivalent for LNG is 1.62

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