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USCG - Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Subchapter D


Subject: Tank Vessels

Source: United States Coast Guard

Page Count: 166


These regulations prescribe rules for tank vessels as intended by various statutes administered by the U.S. Coast Guard, provide for a uniform administration of vessel inspection requirements applicable to tank vessels, and contain requirements for materials, design, construction, inspection, manning, and operation of tank vessels, including the handling and stowage of cargo and the duties of officers and crew.  These regulations apply to all U.S. vessels, with some exceptions, as indicated in Part 30.01-5(d) and Column 2 of Table 30.01-5(d) of this Subchapter.  Title 33, CFR, Subchapter O (Parts 151-157) contain additional design, equipment, and operations requirements relating to pollution prevention for vessels that carry oil.