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USCG Policy Letter - Guidelines for Liquefied Natural Gas Fuel Transfer Operations and Training of Personnel on Vessels Using Natural Gas as Fuel

07-Apr-2015 U.S. Coast Guard CG-OES Policy Letter No. 01-15 Subject:  GUIDELINES FOR LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS FUEL TRANSFER OPERATIONS AND TRAINING OF PERSONNEL ON VESSELS USING NATURAL GAS AS FUEL. Content:  This letter provides guidance to Coast Guard Captains of the Port (COTPs)/Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMIs) regarding vessels that use natural gas as fuel and engage in liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel transfer operations.  It addresses fuel transfer operations and training of personnel working on U.S. and foreign vessels that use natural gas as fuel and conduct LNG fuel transfer operations in waters subject to U.S. jurisdiction.  This policy does not apply to vessels that use their boil-off gas as fuel.