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USCG - Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 150


Subchapter O - Certain Bulk Dangerous Cargoes

Source: United States Coast Guard

Total Pages: 243


These regulations prescribe rules for identifying incompatible hazardous materials and rules for carrying these materials in bulk as cargo in permanently attached tanks or in tanks that are loaded or discharged while aboard a vessel.  Hazardous materials for the purpose of these regulations refer to a flammable liquid per Title 46, CFR, Part 30.10-22, a combustible liquid as defined in Title 46, CFR, Part 30.10-15, a material listed in Title 46, CFR, Table 151.05, Title 46, Table 1 of Part 153, Title 46, Table 4 of Part 154, or a liquid, liquefied gas, or compressed gas listed in Title 49, CFR, Part 172.101.