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Statistical page provided by Truckinginfo.net


This page provides a snapshot of the trucking industry with statistics that cover various aspects of the trucking industry.

From the page:

How big is the trucking industry? 
The trucking companies, warehouses and private sector in the U.S. employs an estimated 8.9 million people employed in trucking-related jobs; nearly 3.5 million were truck drivers. Of this figure UPS employs 60,000 workers and 9% are owner operators.  LTL shippers account for around 13.6 percent of America's trucking sector.

How much Revenue does the trucking industry produce?
Total revenue estimates are 255.5 billion. For Hire or Common Carriers Trucking companies generated revenue estimated at 97.9 billion. More than air transportation by 18 billion. Private Fleets generated revenue estimated at 121 billion.

How much fuel does the trucking industry consume?
The trucking industry accounts for 12.8% of all the fuel purchased in the U.S. Compared to automobiles and light vehicles accounted for 63% of the fuel purchased.

Other sections include details on accidents, trucks purchased, trucks on the road, Canadian Statistics, and a listing of the top 100 trucking companies by revenue.

Statistics claim to sourced from the Department of Transportation and other agencies.