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DNV - Recommended Practice: Development and Operation of LNG Bunkering Facilities


Author: Det Norske Veritas - Germanischer Lloyd

Page Count: 53

Date: January 2014

From the Document:

1.2 Purpose of this recommended practice

The purpose of this RP is to provide guidance to the industry to ensure safe operation of LNG bunkering facilities. This requires guidance within the three main elements for safe development and operations of LNG bunker facilities:

  1. Safe design and operation.
  2. Safety Management System.
  3. Risk Assessment.

These three main elements are explicitly addressed in the ISO “Guideline for systems and installations for supply of LNG as fuel to ships” /1/. The ISO guideline has been used as a basis for the contents and discussion points of this RP.

The common ground is international laws and standards. These regulations provide an internationally accepted starting point for any development of bunkering facilities and their safe operation. Site-specific Operating Procedures shall be developed to govern the individual bunker operations. The RP bridges the gap between the ISO guidelines for systems and installations for supply of LNG as fuel to ships, which by their very nature are generic and specific regulations like port regulations, terminal procedures and bunker operator’s operating procedures (OP) for LNG bunkering.