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NFPA - National Fire Protection Association's Rule 59A covering LNG


The National Fire Protection Association rule 59A standard provides minimum fire protection, safety, and related requirements for the location, design, construction, security, operation, and maintenance of liquefied national gas (LNG) plants. 

This page provides an FAQ about the rule and what it's purpose and scope is.  From this page the current and proposed rule can be obtained as well other information about the National Fire Protection Association.

From the page:

Provisions apply to (1) facilities that liquefy natural gas, (2) facilities that store, vaporize, transfer, and handle liquefied natural gas, (3) the training of all personnel involved with LNG, and (4) the design, location, construction, maintenance, and operation of all LNG facilities. Among specific topics covered are process equipment; stationary LNG storage; vaporization facilities; piping systems and components; instrumentation and electrical services; transfer systems; fire protection, safety, and security; stationary applications using ASME containers; and performance-based LNG plant siting.