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UN - LNG Heavy Duty Trucks Case Studies


Informal Document for the 104th meeting of Group of Experts on General Safety United Nations

United Nations, Geneva

Submitted by the Chairman of the LNG Task Force  

Page Count: 44

Date: April 2012

From the document:

This compendium of case studies is provided in response to a question raised by the French delegation to the Amendments proposed to Regulation 110 pertaining to the use of LNG as a vehicular fuel. It supports other informal documents and formal document ECE-TRANS-WP.29-GRSG-2013-7e presented to the 104th meeting of the Group of Experts on General Safety on 15-19 April 2013 in Geneva at the Palais Nations. 

  • Case Number One:
    Coca Cola introduces liquefied biomethane trucks in its London delivery routes 2010.
  • Case Number Two:
    Voss Logistics, opening up the market for LNG transportation in the Netherlands.

  • Case Number Three:
    Rolande: LNG Distribution Trucks Netherlands, France & Germany

  • Case Number Four:
    Simon Loos: Municipal Logistics (Netherlands)

In the North American section there are several maps of LNG stations across the country with a focus on Southern California.

  • Case Number Five:
    United Parcel Services
  • Case Number Six:
    Fresno California
  • Case Number Seven:
    Roberts Trucking, Canada
  • Case Number Eight:
    Veder Trucking, British Columbia

The next section covers the suppliers point of view, including Shell and Linde North America.