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Lloyd’s Register - LNG Bunkering Infrastructure Study


Author:  Jesper Aagesen, Senior Surveyor, Ship Design Specialist, Lloyd’s Register, Denmark

Page Count: 10

Date: February 2012

Source: Lloyd's Register

From the Document:


As a response to increasing developments in emission regulations and their impacts on shipping globally, Lloyd’s Register has commissioned a study with the aim of understanding how a global LNG bunkering infrastructure may develop. The overall concept for the study has been to review the case for LNG as a ship propulsion fuel for deep-sea shipping by examining:

  • Shipping trade patterns and current bunkering trends by most ship types and size ranges.
  • Fuel consumption requirements for power generation by most ship types and ship size ranges and the potential required volume requirements.
  • Availability of existing and future LNG supply channels as a possible bunker fuel globally.
  • Two stakeholders’ surveys (ship owners and port operators) to understand how key industry players will respond to the regulations in short-, medium- and long-term.

The main aim of the study is to assess and identify strategic ports and locations globally for LNG bunkering infrastructure facilities and compare them with current bunkering patterns. This study is being carried out in co-operation with the company Maritime Strategies International Ltd. Subsequently, Lloyd’s Register aims to facilitate and develop expert opinion on design and technology developments and propulsion options to support key industry players.