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OGP & ISO - Guidelines for Systems and Installations for Supply of LNG as Fuel to Ships


Author: International Association of Oil and Gas Producers and ISO

Date: 06-04-2013

Page Count: 52

From the Document:


The properties, characteristics and behavior of LNG differ significantly from conventional marine fuels such as heavy fuel oils and distillate fuels as marine diesel oil (MDO) or marine gas oil (MGO).

For these reasons it is essential that all LNG bunkering operations are undertaken with diligence and due attention is paid to prevent leakage of LNG liquid or vapor and the control of sources of ignition.  Therefore it is necessary that throughout the LNG bunkering chain each element is carefully designed, and has dedicated safety and operational procedures executed by trained personnel.

It is important that the basic requirements laid down in this Technical Specification are understood and applied to each operation in order to ensure the safe, secure and efficient transfer of LNG as a fuel to the ship.

The objective of this Technical Specification is to provide guidance for the planning and design of

  • The Bunkering Facility
  • The ship/bunkering facility interface
  • Procedures for connection and disconnection
  • The emergency shutdown interface, and
  • The LNG Bunkering process control

And thereby ensuring that an LNG fuelled ship can refuel with a high level of safety, integrity and reliability regardless of the type of bunkering facility.