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USCG - Frequently Asked Questions: North American Emission Control Area (ECA) U.S. Coast Guard Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance

Date:  Originally published 8/30/2012; Revised 12/3/2014

Total Pages:  12

From the Document:

The USCG and EPA have compiled this consolidated list of FAQs and associated responses from queries received since the implementation of the North American ECA. Also included at the end of the document is a list of questions received which are currently under review by the USCG/EPA. The USCG will update the FAQs on an as needed basis and will identify a revision date located at the top of the first page of this document. Questions may be submitted directly to ECA-USflag(AT)uscg.mil or ECA- foreignflag(AT)uscg.mil. The email subject line should include the following text: Question regarding the North American ECA.

The responses within this document are provided by the U.S. Government (U.S. Coast Guard & the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)) for vessels operating within an established Emission Control Area(s) (ECA) under the jurisdiction of the United States of America (U.S.). Owner/operators are reminded that the U.S. Coast Guard is not the flag Administration for vessels other than those registered under the United States and the responses, recommendations or guidance provided (unless specifically noted) herein do not convey concurrence/acceptance/or approval of the vessels flag Administrations or other ECA Administrations for compliance within waters subject to their jurisdiction. Owner/Operators are reminded to contact their flag Administration and/or the Administration for another MARPOL Annex VI established ECA (outside U.S. jurisdiction) for clarification regarding ECA compliance.