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EPA - Page related to ships and emissions, including the North American ECA.


Source: Environmental Protection Agency

This links to the Environmental Protection Agency's page on emissions from the shipping industry. The page contains general information regarding emissions as well as containing a section on the North American Emission Control Area (ECA) and its effect on shipping.

From the Page:

This page provides general and technical information on EPA’s coordinated strategy to address emissions from large ships, including ocean vessels and Lakers, flagged in the United States and in other countries. EPA’s coordinated strategy includes:  EPA domestic actions under the Clean Air Act; and U.S. Government action through the International Maritime Organization, including: Designation of Emission Control Areas for U.S. coastal waters; and Adoption of new international standards for all ships in global waters. 

Emission Control Area Designation: MARPOL Annex VI contains a program that applies stringent engine emission standards and fuel sulfur limits to ships that operate in specially designated Emission Control Areas. The quality of fuel that complies with the ECA standard changes over time. The United States has obtained designation for the North American ECA and the US Caribbean ECA. The effective dates of the standards for an area depend on the area’s designation date. See Annex VI Amendments for more information about this international program.