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EPA - Conversion of Coal Mine Methane to LNG for Heavy Vehicle Fuel


Source: Environmental Protection Agency

Page Count: 30

Date: April 19, 2005

Summary: Presentation given at Western States Coal Mine Workshop outlining an LNG project at a local mine where natural gas is to be converted to LNG as a vehicle fuel. 

From the Document:

The Coal Mine Methane to LNG project has several objectives:

  1. Demonstrate an economically attractive process for gathering and using waste gases (principally methane) from coal mines.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to reduce greenhouse gases at the project site and the replicability of the “process” to other sites.
  3. Accomplish the above in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Project Location:

The project will be located about 30 miles west of Morgantown, WV, as shown in the next slide.

The project site is near the Parrish Shaft of the Federal No. 2 mine operated by Eastern Associated Coal Company. A schematic of this location is shown in the second slide below.