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USCG Policy Letter - Design Standards for US Barges Intending to Carry Liquefied Natural Gas in Bulk


U.S. Coast Guard CG-ENG Policy Letter No. 02-15

Subject:  DESIGN STANDARDS FOR U.S. BARGES INTENDING TO CARRY LIQUIFIED NATURAL GAS IN BULK. Content:  This letter provides design detail guidance and best practice recommendations concerning barges that carry LNG in bulk.  It also consolidates guidance the Coast Guard has previously given to the maritime industry and Coast Guard personnel involved in the design, and the design review, of LNG barges.  It applies only to vessels that are not self-propelled on domestic routes that (1) transport LNG in bulk, (2) are dedicated to LNG carriage only, and (3) do not supply power or fuel from a barge to a towing vessel.  This letter does not address operating requirements for barges, such as manning, certification, navigation restrictions, and transfer procedures.