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DNV - Competence Related to the On Board Use of LNG as Fuel


Author: DNV-GL

Date: April 2013

Page Count: 16

Source: Det Norske Veritas - Germanischer Lloyd

From the Document:

The standard aims to cover important aspects related to the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a fuel on board vessels. Depending on the role or position on board the suggested competence level may differ. Specific details related to ship-specific arrangements / systems cannot be captured in a standard of a general nature.

However the standard aims to provide guidance for establishing a competence foundation, both for vessels with pressure tanks and atmospheric tanks, to be supplemented by e.g. operational / supplier manuals. The standard aims to identify a base set of competencies for key personnel involved in LNG-related activities on board.

1.2 Scope

The standard identifies a suggested minimum level of knowledge and skills for people in various roles on board a vessel using LNG as fuel. This standard can be used in the following ways: 

  • As a reference to familiarize or assess people in their specific role in relation to LNG.
  • As a reference for global competence and defining training requirements.
  • As a guide to training providers, who are to develop courses according to the requirements of the standard and needs of the industry.
  • As a reference document for e.g. certification of personnel.

Standard equipment is supposed to be covered by current competence. (e.g. engines, heating system, compressors). Detailed competence in relation to e.g. fire-fighting and first aid is not covered in this standard.

The standard does not contain competence requirements for LNG Cargo Operators for vessels involved in transporting LNG as cargo. These can be found in DNV Competence Standard 3.302 Competence of Shipboard LNG Cargo Operators.