LNG America, providing LNG where needed, when needed, and in the quantity needed.

Natural gas has been an important source of energy to many parts of our economy from use in power generation to home heating and cooking.  Today, natural gas in its liquid form, LNG, is expanding its utility and beginning the transition to being used in other industry applications – from heavy duty trucking to ships. This is a natural progression for the LNG industry. The use of LNG as a marine fuel, as a fuel for the oil and gas industry, to power locomotives, heavy trucks, and the mining industry, is picking up steam and LNG America is at the forefront of this evolution.

Distributed LNG

LNG America is creating a network of distribution centers for LNG tailored by location and size to match the needs of any given area and industry. Customers include operators, owners, and those companies that currently supply them with LNG. Our role starts with producing or sourcing LNG and provides all of the necessary infrastructure to move, store, and maintain the supply of LNG throughout the supply chain.

Beginning with either large-scale LNG facilities such as Sabine Pass, located on the US Gulf Coast or other LNG facilities located throughout North America, LNG America uses its LNG bunker barges, ISO tanks or LNG tanker trucks to move the LNG through our network of depots, allowing a seamless supply chain for the customer.  

For the marine industry, LNG America’s network will include strategically located marine facilities designed to store LNG at major ports and along the North American inland waterways.  Marine depots will be able to fill LNG bunker barges or fuel small marine craft. The barges are designed to directly fuel ships outfitted to run on LNG.  Bunkering LNG is done in virtually the same manner as traditional hydrocarbon fuels. 

The depots also will have the capability to fill customers' trucks and store our ISO tanks so that they can be delivered to clients as needed.

For our customers who need supply, but are not located on a waterway, inland storage facilities are also planned as part of the network.  Our inland storage facilities allow for LNG trucks to be fueled, tanker trucks to be filled, and ISO tanks to be distributed to locations near or in the customers facility. The ISO tanks have the added advantage of being remotely monitored and replaced as the LNG is used.

By utilizing the ISO tank technology, we can move the LNG directly from the primary source to the customers facility.  The ISO tanks can be used to fill the customer's fuel storage tanks or they can be used as on-site storage themselves.

With our focus on the distributed supply and storage network, LNG America's solution provides a flexible resource for companies that have made the commitment to build or convert their high-powered engines to LNG as a fuel base. All solutions are customized to meet the needs of the customer with delivery methods, depot locations and LNG sources put together to meet the specific requirements of our customers.




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