LNG America's objective is to become a leader in distributing LNG to the domestic and international utility, power generation and high-horsepower fuel markets, bringing value, experience, and readily adaptable supply and distribution strategies to solve energy-demand challenges.  LNG America's "distributed LNG" program is designed to allow the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas in the form of LNG to gain appreciable market share in a wide variety of energy markets.  LNG helps bridge the natural gas industry and traditional petroleum-fueled industries that today demand clean, economic fuel.

LNG America will secure LNG supply either from third-party production (liquefaction) sources or, where economically justified, develop its own small to medium scaled liquefaction facilities designed to grow with market demand.

LNG America will own or control the logistics infrastructure, including the LNG bunker vessels, tanker/ISO trucks, storage, and loading/offloading facilities, necessary to deliver highly reliable, cost competitive LNG to customers regardless of location.

LNG is naturally clean burning. With LNG America, it is also available reliably, flexibly, and competitively.

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