Hub-and-Spoke LNG Supply and Distribution Network

LNG America is experienced in developing scalable and replicable distributed-LNG infrastructure networks domestically and globally that encompass the entire LNG value chain, including cost-effective third-party and company-owned sources of LNG supply, storage, distribution and regasification assets.  The network infrastructure is characterized by an interconnected "hub-and-spoke" architecture, with a centralized source of LNG supply as the main hub which serves "downstream" end-use demand centers or break-bulk distribution depots (the distribution "spokes").



  • LNG is distributed via various means suitable for the specific market application, including transport by marine vessels (small to large LNG ships and barges), truck and rail.

  • The LNG is transferred from the supply and storage hub to distribution depots in specially designed tanks of size and type appropriate for the safest and most efficient means of transportation available, including small (approximately 10,000 gallon) intermodal UN Type-75 (ISO) containers that can be carried by truck, barge, ship or rail, and by ocean-going LNG vessels.

  • The replicable hub-and-spoke architecture can be scaled to expand economically with growth in energy demand, and it can provide custom solutions for specific market needs and end-use applications both domestically and internationally.