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22-Jun-2015 - Japan to Introduce LNG-Fuelled Transport

Japan, the world’s largest importer of L.. READ MORE >

18-Jun-2015 - Wildlife Advocacy Group Wants to Eliminate HFO Use by Arctic Vessels

A study commissioned by WWF-Canada, part of th.. READ MORE >

17-Jun-2015 - Carnival: Next Gen Ship Details: LNG, 180,000 Tons, 2 for AIDA

Carnival Corporation today announced it has fi.. READ MORE >

Supply Update

Clean & Reliable LNG For Use In High-Horsepower engines

LNG America provides LNG from major suppliers in the Gulf Coast region and other areas in the United States.
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Natural Gas

Natural gas is composed primarily of methane, which is the simplest of hydrocarbons with one carbon atom and hydrogen atoms. More than 65 million Americans use natural gas to heat their homes.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is simply natural gas that is cooled to minus 260° F, at which point it becomes a liquid that can be transported without high compression.

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